WP Moxie is built to breathe in user problems and breathe out solutions. Are you?

I’m Sarah Lewis—aka: Not Your Typical WordPress Developer.

I’ve been developing WordPress themes, plugins, and tools for almost a decade, and I specialize in WordPress implementation, front-end consulting, and responsive design. And I not only care about what websites look like, but I have a deep knowledge and passion for getting the back-end to translate directly into more leads, sales, and free time for our clients.

A better website (that works) = better marketing = better results

What matters the most to me is creating a site that helps your customers get what they want and do what they need to do. I am in the business of helping them kick ass.

So instead of you saying to your client: “If ONLY we could make this site do that…”
Our client will be saying to us: “YOU NAILED IT!” (Over and over and over again.)

And knowing that you’re a UI/UX designer or a design agency who knows the value of creating websites that work for your customers, and not against them, could you imagine a better result?

Here’s what else I know you want: You want a dev who understands the purpose and goals of the site we’re working on, and develops a strategy for exactly how to achieve those goals with you. You want someone you can really trust to field the tough questions to, and helps you understand them so you know what to say to our client.

This is why I’m not just your typical WordPress developer. And why…

I’m not someone you outsource code to—I’m your trusted partner.

This is what you should know about me: I’ve built my company on reliability, consistency, and real results. Some of those results are right here:

Sarah completely revolutionized how I run my business. I went from a one-woman shop with too much work and not enough hours in the day, to a well-oiled creative engine that outputs code as crisp and gorgeous as the designs I put together.

“As a former software developer, it’s important that code makes sense in the long run. Her code is brilliantly on-spec, adherent to semantics, and easy to maintain. Sarah is not just my developer — she’s my partner. I couldn’t imagine running a design project without her and neither should you.

—Amanda Farough, Creative Director & Visual Designer @ violetminded Media

(And there’s more where that came from)

I focus on full-site development and implementing tools that will make the website do the work of gathering leads, sales, and creating free time in your clients’ lives.

A part of that is a focus on responsive…and you know what I say about responsive? The less time your clients’ customers are trying to click on tiny links with big fingers, the more time they have to browse the great site we made for desktops, tablets, AND mobile…and take action.

It’s all about trust, and it’s just more proof that a website that works = better marketing = better results.

Here’s what I want to do together

I want to partner with you to create a website that breathes trust, makes our clients and their customers happy, and is a sales-generating machine. In my experience, it’s not that hard to do—what’s more important is finding the right person or group of people to do it with.

My first requirement is that even though we both love to keep up to date with what the latest web tools and trends are, we stay focused on the one thing that never changes: Our clients and their customers want a website that works just for them, that will market them better than anyone else, and gets them results.

Am I “The One” for your project or client?

If a partnership with me and the talented team of developers I work with at WP Moxie would be perfect for you, you can contact me right here and my assistant will schedule you for a free 20 minute consultation if your project aligns with what we can do for you.