Back in the day


Mar 2013

Premium themes for consultants

If you’re working with a limited budget (or just don’t want to sink wads of cash into your website when you don’t have to!), these premium themes may be exactly what you need. Every one of these themes will lend you credibility and inspire confidence—without breaking the bank. Each theme is well under $100, has a five-star rating (which isn’t the be-all-end-all but does usually...

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Apr 2012

Sorry, the thing you’re looking for is ancient and apparently unloved

😉 I’ve moved sites several times over the last decade, and not everything has made the move… mostly because a lot of things became outdated over time and weren’t necessarily worth the effort to update. If you’ve landed on this page, the link you clicked used to point to one of them. All is not lost, however. Now, as in the past, most of the...

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Aug 2008

Getting Started On Twitter

If you’re not familiar with Twitter, watch this explanatory video, and then learn how it applies to your blog in “9 Benefits of Twitter for Bloggers.” I recently posted a tweet that generated a much bigger response than I expected: Can't believe how many "Internet Marketing experts" follow me who obviously have no concept of Twitter etiquette. Not so impressive. — Sarah Lewis (@WPMoxie) August...

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Mar 2007

What would you do if you had 36 extra hours of free time each week?

What would your ideal life be like? There are a variety of reasons that people blog, and just as many goals that people hope their blogs will help them achieve. My personal dream is to spend most of my time learning and doing interesting things, and then tell other people about it (and help them do the same) via blogs. I’ve spent the better part...

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