Doing it the Easy Way


Apr 2014

Five minutes to a more secure WordPress site

There are many great plugins and guides to improve your WordPress site’s security, but if you don’t have the time to dig into those, there are a few things you can do in just a few minutes that will help. Keep WordPress and plugins up-to-date If you’re using managed WordPress hosting or a good backup solution, this is trivial in most cases. If you’re not,...

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Apr 2013

My $2 “motivation and inspiration” secret (of showering!)

I know, hype-y headline, right? But this “secret” deserves it. How about a little more? What would you say if I told you you could get (a lot of) the benefits of journalling or coaching without spending more time or (much) money? That’s exactly what I do every day when I shower. My secret weapons? A laundry marker and any ol’ sheet of paper. Say...

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Mar 2013

Video: how to quickly mock up changes on a live website

You may have come across the “Inspect Element” feature in Chrome… and if you’re like most people, said, “Whoops!” and closed it. Believe it or not, this feature is incredibly useful when you’re making small changes—especially when you want to show a series of options to a client. Using this tool along with a screen capture tool, you can quickly test and show tweaks. Why...

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Mar 2013

How to make your blog posts show up perfectly on Facebook

Have you ever wondered, “How do I get Facebook to use a different photo when someone shares my website?” Or, “How can I make Facebook show something other than the first line of my blog post?” Maybe, “Where on earth does Facebook get the pictures it shows next to my posts?!” Or simply, “How do I get Facebook to show what I want?” You’re not...

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Nov 2012

How to make a background color transparent in Adobe Fireworks

While trying to change the color of an arrow graphic (that I only had in a flattened format), I was trying to remove the background so I could apply some color fills. I had no luck getting rid of all the jagged edges until I came across this gem from Linda Nicholls: Apply the Convert to Alpha filter. Filters > Other > Convert to Alpha....

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Sep 2012

How to switch web hosts, fast

Lately I’ve been working with several clients who are looking forward to big media days—national coverage on TV shows and websites who share their respective target audiences. Knowing these opportunities are coming, they’ve asked me to make their sites as solid as possible in case the coverage turns into real click-throughs. There are many things that can be done to help in this situation, but...

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