Snap Judgements


Aug 2014

Great email newsletters, according to you

Last week, I asked on Twitter: Quick Twitter poll: what's the very best newsletter you subscribe to? The one you open every time? — Sarah Lewis (@WPMoxie) August 5, 2014 (Secretly, I was looking for newsletters to sign up for to test a new Gmail filter! But just because it was a test didn’t mean I wanted to sign up for any old newsletter!) Here’s...

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Aug 2012

Are you being lazy with your contests?

A popular method for running a contest is to have people submit entries (videos/Facebook posts/stories/whatever) and then decide the winner(s) (or finalists) based on the number of votes/views/Likes/whatevers each entry receives. There’s no mystery to the appeal of this method. It’s… Good for publicity: your competitors are promoting your contest (+ brand/website/Facebook page/whatever) for you! Awesome! Easy: no sorting or ranking required on your part....

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