Get in the habit of using LastPass

I love LastPass. If you’re not familiar with it (or one of its also-great competitors), the main thing it helps with is using good passwords without using the same password over and over (so you’re less likely to fall victim to hacking), without having to remember a whole bunch of complex passwords.

I try and convince everyone I know to use LastPass, whether they’re clients or friends—I feel that strongly about its usefulness. But signing up and installing it won’t do you the slightest good if you don’t use it.

Fortunately, using it is just a matter of getting in the habit. But if you’re not already in the habit (and you don’t sit next to an obnoxious LastPass-pusher like me) you might have a hard time visualizing the practical, day-in-day-out use.

One of the best ways to learn a tool is to watch an experienced user go through their usual routine. So in the interest of giving you an over-the-shoulder view of how I use LastPass (and my recommendation for getting in the habit yourself), I present you four off-the-cuff videos:

  1. Downloading the LastPass browser tool

  2. Creating and saving a new password with LastPass

  3. Using LastPass to sign in to websites

  4. Getting in the habit of using LastPass (by changing and saving your password)

Now go forth and develop some good (password) habits!

Sarah Lewis

Sarah builds websites and systems with equal ardor, and she's at her happiest when waffling something unexpected. She's anxiously awaiting solar freakin' roadways and also transporters, and doesn't much care for writing about herself in the third person.

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